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Students and enthusiasts of Ju-Jitsu have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Twin Dragons Martial Arts Academies offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

We encourage the students to have fun while practicing martial arts and developing traditional values such as cooperation, respect for their elders and parents, learning self-confidence and self-discipline. We impress upon the students to use their martial arts skills for self-defense only.

Quotes from Parents:

"My son did the dishes last night, his attitude and behavior has changed so dramatically, and his grades are better. I'm so proud of him. Thank you so much."

"My son lost his father 2 years ago, he had no role model and started stealing. Joe became like a second father to him, and is a great role model. I think Joe saved his life."

"My daughter was very shy. Doctors wanted to put her on depression medicine.  She has been in class for a month now.  She has new friends, has goals, and she smiles and laughs all the time.  Coju-jitsu has been the best medicine in the world for her."

Fun yet demanding. You'll get in the best shape of your life and you'll learn the best defense skills in the world.  We encourage students to do there best and we show them how.  No matter how out of shape or old you think you are, you truly can change your life. We work with you, and can help you make your dreams come true.  YES! You can become a black belt.  Make the first step and call today!

Quotes from Students:

 "I hit a tree stump while driving my bike, I could have died if I didn't know how to tumble the way we do." (Aberdeen Police Officer) 

"I never had so much fun working out before; I've lost 30 lbs in 2 months. I love Class."

Students in good physical shape, above the age of 18, and have a desire to become a champion in the ring, can join the fighter class.  Nick named the "Dragon's Lair", The fighters train for events of there choice including Kick Boxing, Mui-Thai, Submission Wrestling, Pankration, and M.M.A. competitions including the U.F.C. and the PRIDE.  Having trained many champions through out the world, The Dragon's Lair can make you a champion too!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.