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About The International Coju-jitsu Association (I.C.A)

The International Coju-jitsu Association (I.C.A.) was formed in 1997 to coordinate communication between Coju-jitsu Instructors and the Grand Master of
the style (Sojobo). The primary goal of the association is to maintain the philosophy base of the style and to maintain a standardized teaching curriculum.

Kodokanai was taught outside of Miller School by Joseph Barnes since 1988.  In 1991 Col. Tom Hart (Sojobo at the time) gave permission for the first Twin Dragons Martial Arts Academy to be opened but worried about the combat tactics of Kodokanai being taught.  Joseph Barnes created a standardized curriculum and ranking system that placed the Kodokanai combat knowledge into the upper level ranks.  Students would have to prove themselves through dedication, hard work, maturity, skill building, loyalty, and good character to gain rank and upper knowledge.  Col. Hart approved and the school was opened. Coju-jitsu was "coined" as the public name of this system of training. In 1998, acting president of the International Coju-jitsu Association, Joseph Barnes,  went to Virginia to be awarded his 7th degree black belt. While there, at a public awards banquette, the I.C.A. officially named Col. Thomas Hart as the founder and Grand Master of Coju-jitsu and recognized him as the one man responsible for the survival of Kodokanai.  Through the I.C.A., Kodokanai Coju-jitsu will live and thrive forever.

Today, The I.C.A. is headed by Joseph Barnes (Sojobo) and a staff of expert instructors and managers, including Scott Bean, Ralph Ruder, Tyler Bean, Patrick O'Conner, Todd Angel, and others.  The Twin Dragons Martial Arts Academies, tied together by the brotherhood of the I.C.A., continue the traditions of true Martial Arts today. 

How to Contact Us

We invite you to come and visit our World Head Quarters located at The Southshore Mall, Aberdeen, WA (1017 S Boon St., Space 50) and consider enrolling in one of our outstanding programs such as KIDS CLASS, ADULT CLASS, or MMA FIGHTER CLASS.

You can also reach us through
E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can also call us on the phone at: (360) 593-6861.

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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that we have provided you with enough information to help you in your search for a Martial Arts training facility. We hope to meet you in the near future.

- The Management of Twin Dragons Martial Arts Academy